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dis•tilled spir•it   noun
an alcohol aficionado; a person who respects the art of brewmasters and sommeliers; one who can easily tell when whiskey is single or double barrel-aged with just one taste.

Home to over 130 craft breweries, 14 distilleries, and more than 115 wineries, San Diego County is the perfect place to discover your next favorite libation. Stop by San Diego’s oldest running bar, visit the birthplace of your favorite brews, or sip on something new under the sun.



•If you are short on time, stop by Ballast Point Brewing in Little Italy for a classic San Diego brew


•Start your day with a trip to Ballast Point to taste The Sculpin in Little Italy

•Take a trip to one of Stone Brewing’s World Bistro & Gardens to enjoy the suds that changed the beer scene in San Diego

•Head to downtown for a stop at You & Yours Distilling for a fresh new twist on hard liquor

•Continue your crawl to Fairweather for a view of Petco Park and a great craft cocktail or sandwich

•End your day with a stop at Noble Experiment, be sure to text them ahead of time to make their exclusive guest list

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